Our approach to Branded Content

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Fact & Friction Inc. makes the production process fun for you and the final product entertaining for your audience.

We take a "story first" approach to branded content. We know how to subtly blend brands into story... or have a brand "bring" a story to an audience through social media shares.

The team we bring together works hard to craft stories that entertain and earn a strong emotional response from audiences.


We begin with a story meeting, where we discuss initial ideas, and then return with a clear concept.

Next, we create editorial run-downs and a script that maps out interviews and visual elements. We can also conduct casting sessions to find a host and other on-screen talent and contributors.

By time we go to camera, we are both clear and confident about expectations.

Fact & Friction Inc. creates cinematic-looking content, taking the material we have shot into post production for editing, packaging, sound mixing and color-correcting.

We stay on schedule and work within the realities of your budget - whatever it is. We can make a little go a long way.


Over the last decade, we have worked  directly with a wide range of brands in the US, Canada, UK and Asia, across a range of TV and  Digital projects, including these...::

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