Professional Summary

Ron Carroll works across a range of genres, creating content for a variety of platforms, including Netflix and UniLad. He began his career at Britain's Two Four Productions, now part of ITV, and also worked for Shine in London as Senior Development Producer, Lifestyle. He is a British and Canadian citizen, and has a highly sought after O-1 "Exceptional Talent" visa, affording the privilege of working in the United States.

Awards and Nominations

2019 American Annual Communicator Award  (as writer) Mohegan Sun's Back of House digital doc-soap for Primal NY

2019 American Telly Awards: 5 including Gold Award for Excellence & Gold Award for Tourism Branded Content

2018 American Telly for Branded Content

2018 American Telly for Cinematography


Canadian Academy of Cinema & Television Screen Award for Best Unscripted Series

Two nominations for Best Writing, Canadian Academy of Cinema Screen Award for Best Writing

British Royal Television Society Award for a show featuring global reunions and surprises

Financial Times/Harold Wincott Award for Britain's Best Business Program

Devised the format and Executive Produced the launch of the International Emmy nominated The Apartment for Sony Asia


Content Strategy  Writing     Campaign Management    Branding 
Social Media 
  Events Content    Fundraising    Creative Initiatives

Series Development Presentations, Pilots & Pitches Launches & Fixes

Format Shaking Show Running Co-Executive Producing Series Producing

Control Room Story Crafting & Advising

Producing & Directing: studio and location Live  Self-Shooting: Full Kit, Rig

Final Cut Pro editing skills Short-Form Localizing, Re-versioning

Fast-Turnaround Scripting Fast-Turnaround Program Notes

Casting and Prepping Host "Whispering" & Coaching Corporate Presentations Media Training High Stakes Competition

Big-Scale Transformation Follow-Doc Doc-Soap: TV & Digital

Video Presentations, PSAs Food History Home Reno Game Show

Talk Topical Debate Court Show Conflict & Resolution

Reunions & Surprises Business, Entrepreneurship Branded Content

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