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You’ve really brought the idea to life and made it feel focused and contained within a 6 part format.

Chris F., Alaska TV, London

I'm very much enjoying watching the cuts for Big Proud Party Agency. Thanks for all your great work on the series.

Clare M., BBC3

You're a class act!

Jeff C., Catalina Content, Los Angeles

You are such a creative, solid, tv craftsman. Thank you for bringing to life our vision.

Isabelle B., Just for Laughs, Los Angeles and Montreal

It's been great having you at the helm, driving ideas. You've been such a joy to work with and your energy, enthusiasm and expertise have been enlightening!

Tammy K., Little Bird Films, Cardiff

It was great working with you.  I hope we get to do it again soon.

Lou W., Netflix, Los Angeles

You did an outstanding job with the video lectures.

Steve H., Toronto Film School/Yorkville Universities

Thank you, Ron. Always great working with you!

Adele R., Global Lead, Makers, Toronto

Congratulations on an amazing show. ​Thank you for your leadership.

Matt H., Marble Media, Toronto.

I worked with Ron on several successful original series and big formats when I was a network executive. Ron is passionate about every project he works on and is so talented in heightening the entertainment value of each show. These days, we collaborate on projects as co-producers and I'm continuously wowed by Ron's writing abilities and his creativity in developing new show concepts & formats. To top it off, he's a decent person with integrity ...and big belly laughs.

Maria F., Production Executive Canada and USA.​

I can't thank you enough for your work on this project. Cheesy, I know, but so true.

Chris G., UniLad, London

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